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Oh, wow...

I get caught up trying to deal with a fresh-churned butter shortage crisis here at Sea Lab (again!) and everybody goes and changes bodies on me. Haha. What's up with that? I don't know if I should feel left out or not...

This seriously could bode well for some of you guys. You know that sweet tat you always wanted, but were too afraid it would make you look like a total hose bag? You can go ahead and get it because, hey it's not your body! Or, you know, just go hog-wild with the Chunky Monkey... Or Ecstasy. Both fine choices, really. The possibilities are pretty much limitless. I think the people stuck in the body of someone you don't particularly like are the real lucky ones, if you catch what I'm gettin' at.

So... What do you plan to do? Talk to your old pal, Sparks...

How do you like it?

 Hey there, sports fans.  How's the internet  weather this mornin'? Fair? Sorry if I missed out on anything. I've been cruising around for some sweet deals. Can you believe the kind of crap people will buy on eBay? And no one can complain when they find out their 'underwater oxygenation unit' is sea weed. Sparks Inc. has a strict 'no returns' policy, baby. Oh, kelp... You're so good to me.  So simple. So versatile. So profitable.

Or, well, I do that when I'm not trolling other chat-blogs. People are so easy to goad, ya' know? And it's kind of funny that I can monitor a trolling expedition on the ocean floor and troll on the internet at the same time. Hah. Okay, it's not really that funny...

Anyhow, I'm sure everyone will be interested in reading a little 'get-to-know-you-better' session with your old pal Sparks, so here you go:
Oh, hey, lets have some fun. How about everyone finish this... "I like my men/women like I like my coffee..."

Hey there, Internet...

How ya feelin'? Feelin' okay today?

Oh, man. You know, I don't know why I didn't tap into this sweet resource before. I mean, what good is it to have powerful off-shore computers if you only use them for marine biology and monitoring tectonic plates and... Yeah, whatever. Here's to hoping I won't have to rely on that drunken Irishman for everything anymore. Not that he's not reliable... When it comes to needing to unload some... specialty items... he's my man. Because I'm pretty sure you can't sell those babies on-line. Hm. Or can you? I know the internet's not what it used to be...

Anyway, chatting up the crew down here can get pretty dull. I think old skip blacked out on me again. Did I mention I'm the radio operator for Sealab? Yeah. It's a pretty sweet gig. But, um... I think I could use some more trips to the surface some days, if you get what I mean.

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